Wednesday, February 23, 2011

online vector editor

Its not the most user friendly app I have used, but it is very powerful for creating and editing all kinds of content with a creative commons lic.
I played with their vector graphics editor. def something i want to back and play with some more

free online file conversion

Found a helpful web app today that converts file formates
check out Zamzar

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Auto Focus in 7D Movie Mode is Lacking

I am spoiled by my old camera that auto-focuses like a champ, so I was disappointed when my test shots using the 7D were often out of focus.
Will need to adjust my shooting style and become one with the manual controls :)

Here is a helpful string conversation on the topic

Review of using Canon 7D for film like videoing

Canon 7D tutorial videos

Great tutorial videos found. For a visual and kinesthetic learner, like me, they are perfect.

Canon 7D Workflow Complete

So, I have successfully completed a 7D workflow including transcoding to ProRes LT, editing, and exporting to QuickTime Mov. Of the two approaches listed in the previous post, I found the Canon plug-in the easiest. But, just in case, I have copied pre-transcoded files into a separate folder via ImageCapture.

I complete the workflow, but I am far from being comfortable with the D7, so some of the footage looked mazing and some look horrible. The rest of the day is going to be spent mastering this camera.

Oh, and the audio SUCKS

I found a youtube vid that talks about some of the stabilization and focusing challenges.

While I am listing vids I found, check out this 7D v 5D mark ii comp